Crazy or Seriously Genius

So, I am one of those people who LOVE natural health. I love reading about nutrition and natural ways to care for our bodies, homes, and the earth. Call me a crazy hippie or a downright genius for doing what I do. In the long run, I just want to do what it best for all of us. I am not opposed to western medicine. When I had Wyatt I was jumping on that epidural as fast as I could. I am just saying that I like essential oils, minimalism, meditation, yoga, natural beauty products, and all things organic. Oh, and I love chiropractors, massages, and acupuncturists. Ha ha. Alan won't step foot in a chiropractors office, but me, I love them.

At school and at home, I diffuse essential oils in my classroom to help fight off sicknesses and get the students to focus better. It may or may not help every day, but at least my room smells good. And I personally feel like I am not as sick as often, or losing my sanity when I use essential oils. Anyone who walks into my room always raves about how nice it smells. Plus, don't even get me started on how bad those fake wall plug-in air fresheners are for your health. Instant migraine for me, among other things.

So, we try to live a wholesome life the best that we can. Trust me when I say all things in moderation though. I am pretty much single handedly keeping Crumbl cookies in Bountiful in business. They have the BEST cookies ever. And, did you know that they deliver until midnight? Alan always says, "Why didn't we open Crumbl cookies?" Ummm, do you know how to make these deliciously large, warm, soft and almost chewy cookies? Ha ha.